• Six monthly inspection and all Portable Fire Fighting Equipment under go this Service. Hose reel inspected visually
  • Yearly service This is carried out every twelve months and each piece of equipment service is different. Hose reels will be run out completely charged with water then tested.
  • This is a discharge test for water and a wet chemical this carried out every three years.
  • This is a Hydro Test. This is carried out for all types of Portable Fire Fighting extinguishers. Dry Chemical powder are new for old replacements due to cost value.
  • This is an after use service and must be completed as soon as possible when ever an extinguisher has been let off. Depending on age the extinguisher will be Hydro Tested or swapped out new for old.

First Aid kits are inspected and evaluated as to their use and location. Any thing with an expiry date will be swapped out for a new item the same.

You will be given a no obligation free Quote prior to any work being carried out.