Risk Assessment and Consultancy

    Why Complete Fire and Rescue

    Complete Fire and Rescue is the top #1 certified supplier and servicing company of Australia for fire and emergency equipment. Our technicians maintain industry standards while giving you a 5 star service experience in supplying and servicing of portable fire and first aid equipment and sales of rope access and technical rescue equipment.

    Complete Fire and Rescue has years of experience and formal education in responding to incidents involving Fire, First Aid, Rescue and Security incidents. With our continues training programs all team members have up to date training which gives us an edge over our competitors for all your servicing and sales needs.

    Service we provide here are:

    • emergency lighting testing
    • fire equipment sales and servicing
    • first aid kits sales and servicing.

    Complete Fire & Rescue also offers Strategic Security First Responders through our sister company Security and Emergency. We have multiple bandales for:

    •  Event-based services on a day to day program, or set up for short term projects.
    • Maintenance work support in the form of Fire standbys, First Aid Stand Bys and Technical Rescue stand bys.

    Risk Assessment

    All team members are multi talented. This means, we will deliver a five star service to all our clients and their stakeholders. Our team will come to you for all briefs and carry out pre planning operations well before your event. By doing pre planning it enables Complete Fire and Rescue  to obtain information as to what equipment is already on site and what we need to bring. Also it gives Complete Fire and Rescue a basic knowledge of your site making it safe for you and your guests.

    A risk assessment for pre planning and training purposes.

    One invoice for all your emergency response needs.

    Fire Fighting Equipment

    Firefighting is the act of extinguishing fires. A firefighter suppresses and extinguishes fires to protect lives and to prevent the destruction of property and of the environment.

    Firefighting demands a professional approach. Always need certified and perfect equipment during fire fighting activities.

    We supply certified and perfect equipments for any type of business, household and real estate

    Equipment we supply for fire fighting  and emergency response are

    1. Extinguishers
    2. Fire Blankets
    3. First aid kits
    4. Technical Rescue Equipment (Rope access)

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    Contact Us

    Contact us for best rescue equipments and servicing of equipments. For more information please see our Services page or send us a message via our Contact page.


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