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Our service commitment to you. We are bound by our five golden values Reliable, Integrity, Respectful, Honorable and compassionate. 

Complete Security and Emergency. Is a proven, experienced, and known for their five golden values of service. Under our unique business structure, we provide you with a tailor-made Protective Services Package to suit your business that safeguards your employees, clients, and assets for Security, Fire Protection and Safety risks. Thus, making your workplace compliant, happier and safer environment.   

Complete Fire and Rescue was established in 2012. As a Fire Protection and First Aid safety consultancy service. Developing relations with well-known suppliers enabled us to provide resources for Fire Protection and Safety.

Security and Emergency was established in 2015 as a training provider. Partnering with Rich River First Aid Registed Training Organisation in the same year. The partnership enabled us to expand and offer nationally accredited training for First Aid and Emergency Wardens. In 2016 with solid relations in place with Rich River First Aid enabled Security and Emergency to reach out to Fate First Aid and commences operations offering First Responders in the capacity of First Aid Responders for major music, sports events and minor events such as school fetes and car shows.

2016 Security and Emergency, security operations were established. Supplying security personal to clients across Victoria. Through Boss Executive Security we were invited to be part of the Private Security Service for the 2018 Commonwealth games. We supplied, Venue Security Supervisors and General Security Personal to multiple venues. 

With both businesses working side by side we now offer a great range of equipment, services associated with First Aid, Fire Protect, Safety and Security.

All products and services meet the Australian Standards for their categories. Our pricing is at a competitive rate to ensure any savings are passed on to our clients. Most of our competitors offer one or two of the services but thanks to our talented leadership and management team we can offer a complete care package that can be tailored to meet your requirements.

1 review for Community Commitment

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