About Us

Since 2010 our company has been providing a five-star service rating. By carrying out risk assessments to design a tailored made fire and safety package from product selection to regular servicing.We now offer an on-line service that provided clients to carry out regular risk assessments and manage their own packagers with our guidance for a competitive monthly fee.

Our Mission

Through our regular comprehensive servicing and maintenance services, our technicians aim to provide properly functioning portable fire equipment and first aid kits. We provide an inclusive range of portable fire protection, first aid kits and rope access and technical rescue equipment.

Our Team

The team at Complete Fire and Rescue has a culture that is underpinned by our values of safety, community values, its people, leadership, client relationships and teamwork. Team members are rewards for excellent service and out standing commitment to making our clients’ needs their own. Team members that display this tributes and similar attitudes are reward by promotions and gifts for themselves and their families to ensure continuity of excellent service to our clients.